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We reviewed some of the best selling, highest rated UK dehumidifiers. Our reviews include our expert opinion as well as real feedback from actual users. We hope our hard work will save you some time and ensures that you choose the right dehumidifier for your home.

Product ImageProduct DescriptionMore Info/Best Deal Found
De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier IconDe'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier
Overall Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Anti-frost for lower temperatures
• Tank with a two litre capacity
• Compact and lightweight
• Extraction rate of 10 litres for 24 hours
• Clothes drying capabilities

18% Off

Delonghi DES12De'Longhi 12 Litre DES12 Dehumidifier
Overall Rating: 4.0 stars

• Portable
• Built in humidistat
• Permanent drain facility for fixed operation
• Double condense elimination system
• 2 years warranty

14% Off

Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier Reviews IconEbac 2650e Dehumidifier
Overall Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Made in UK
• Extracts upto 18 litres/day
• Energy efficient
• Suitable for larger homes
• 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
De’Longhi DNC65 Compressor Free Dehumidifier Reviews IconDe'Longhi DNC65 Compressor Free Dehumidifier
Overall Ratings: 4.0 stars

• No Compressor
• Environmentally Friendly
• Swing function
• Clothes drying capabilities
• Ionizer
DD122FW-MK4 dehumidifier reviews iconDD122FW-MK4 Dehumidifier
Overall Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Has a capacity for a large house
• Quiet operation
• Lightweight
• Laundry mode
• Humidistat for energy efficiency
Prem-I-Air Xtreem Compact Dehumidifier Reviews IconPrem-I-Air Xtreem Compact Dehumidifier

Ratings: 4.5
• Extraction capacity of 10 litres per day
• Electronic controls
• Digital display
• Removable water tank
• One year warranty

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Best Dehumidifier Reviews – Use Our Best Dehumidifier Reviews To Find Your Perfect Product.

best dehumidifier reviewsIf you need a dehumidifier you want to ensure that you get the best dehumidifier that your money can buy. There are a number of different dehumidifiers on the market and they work to reduce the humidity in a certain space in a number of different ways. The most common type of dehumidifier is however the refrigerant dehumidifier and is probably one of the best dehumidifier you will find for sale.

Using Dehumidifier Reviews to Guide Your Purchase

When you start looking for the best dehumidifier you should have already decided why you want the device in the first place. Your next step is to start looking at some dehumidifier reviews to help you determine which one is right for you.

You can tell which the best dehumidifier is by determining the amount of humidity in your home and then choose a dehumidifier that can deal with that quantity of humidity. You can determine your home humidity levels by the activities that are performed there on a daily basis. Processes that create humidity include bathing, drying your laundry, running your washing machine or dishwasher and even cooking which most people do every day. You want to get rid of all this excess moisture so that you won’t have problems such as musty smells, mould growth, condensation, peeling paint etc. This is why you need the best dehumidifier in your home, to prevent these nasty things. And this is how dehumidifier reviews can help you.

dehumidifier reviewsThe best dehumidifier should bring your home humidity levels to 25% in the winter or 35 to 35 % in the summer. The good thing about using dehumidifier reviews to guide your purchase is that you can find reviews from persons who perform similar daily tasks as you and have similar amounts of humidity in their home. Thus if they write five star dehumidifier reviews and their humidity levels match yours then you know you should definitely get that dehumidifier with the confidence that the reviewed products is indeed the best dehumidifier.

The Benefits of Having the Best Dehumidifier

The best dehumidifier will rid your home of the moisture when there is too much moisture and can give needed moisture when the air is too dry. Dry air is caused during winter by dry air or by your heating system being turned up so you can be warm. This dry air can cause respiratory problems and give you and your family member’s dry skin and can even affect wooden furniture. A humidifier can solve all of this by preventing the dry air in the first place. One way you can tell that your home’s humidity is too low is when you find yourself waking up with a dry nose and throat. The best dehumidifier will help to create the correct moisture balance and will alleviate the skin and respiratory problems caused by the dry air.

What to Look for in the Best Dehumidifier Reviews

  • A tank size that has the capacity to deal with the size of your room. This means you will have to look through the dehumidifier reviews to ensure that the one you think is best actually is good for the particular space you want to use it in.
  • See what they are saying about the extraction rate of the best dehumidifier as it is only the best if it has a high extraction rate to control a large amount of condensation.
  • The best dehumidifier should have a humidistat so that it will automatically start up and shut off according to the registered humidity level of the room. This will ensure that the unit is energy efficient and you don’t have to actively turn it on and off which is very convenient and convenience is definitely an attribute of the best dehumidifier.
  • You want to look for dehumidifier reviews that mention and praise the fact that the unit operates quietly with little to no sound so that it won’t be a bother at night.
  • Any dehumidifier considered to be the best dehumidifier should be able to do both cold and warm mist. Cold mist is ideal for summer and when the humidity level in the home is low and warm mist is ideal for when the climate is colder.
  • If you will be using the unit in a child’s room you want to look out for dehumidifier reviews that mention a night light. This is a nice feature so you don’t have to have both a dehumidifier running as well as a night light, thus conserving energy.


Using the Best Dehumidifier Reviews as a Buying Guide

best dehumidifierIf you want to get good value for your money and end up with the best dehumidifier you must start your search by reading a couple reviews throughout our website. We put in a lot of effort to collect information such as product descriptions and real consumer reviews of the best selling dehumidifiers. You can also read some purchasing advice and tips that will be useful if you have no idea what you are looking for. All of these are tools which will steer you in the right direction for finding the best dehumidifier.

Though most dehumidifier reviews owners and consumers won’t be technical or go into detail you can find some reviews that do, and we will certainly do our best to assist. Our reviews will give you all the information you need on such things as ideal extraction rates, controls and the sort. The Dehumidifier reviews on this website will give the best dehumidifier reviews for people who like to get technical and get beneath the surface of things.

Dehumidifier reviews from users and consumers will mainly include information about the devices effectiveness, how well it met the manufacturer’s description on such things as operation noise levels and the various additional features that may have been advertised about it. These will be the best dehumidifier reviews for those who could care less about the technical details and who just need to know that a particular brand or model does what the manufacturer says it will do.

We found this video made by De’longhi (one of the most trusted manufacturer of dehumidifiers). It highlights the most important issues why any household should need a dehumidifier. We hope you find it useful.

You may or you may not use dehumidifier reviews as a guide for finding the best dehumidifier but there is really nothing to lose from reading a couple reviews.